Holiday Services

Holiday Services

We offer holiday package for every kind of a person & choice.

Whether you want to go to Europe this summer, or if you want to escape from visa hassles for Europe, we can offer you alternate popular destinations similar to Europe climate in summer, with low cost of stay and food. You can enjoy and refresh in a better way without worrying about your travel budget and can plan your travel even in the last minute.

We even get holiday request as unique as visiting to Arctic Circle to watch northern lights and stay in igloo house.  

Call us today on 22430333-98010074 or send email to us on, let us know How & When you want to experience this summer season and we will find a holiday to suit your budget and of your choice to please every member of your family no matter big or small.

We offer a complete holiday management, everything from planning to execution of tours through uncompromising standards in Quality Services.